Go on a Field Trip to Find Custom Field Usage Information

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Field Trip App allows you to run reports on standard and custom field usage.

Salesforce fields must be populated in order to have data which calculates trends and ensures intellectual capital isn’t lost, should someone leave an organization. Over extended periods of time, Salesforce.com also can become cluttered with fields that are no longer used – making the system more difficult to navigate.

Thankfully, if you are a Salesforce Enterprise Edition subscriber, you have access to a free application on the AppExchage – Field Trip. The app allows you to analyze the fields of any object, including what percentage of the records have that field populated.

This app performs the three following functions:

  • Find out how often fields are being used
  • Run Reports on fields
  • Analyze all or a subset of your records

To use Field Trip, install the app and click the “Field Trip” tab. From there, create a new Field Trip Record and name it, select an object (such as, Accounts), and then add a filter if you do not want to process all records in that data base.

Next, using the “Analyze” button, you will see the “Field Analyses” related list on your Field Trip. This will be populated with records that represent every field on that object. You can then run and export reports on the fields for that object – including a column that tells you how many records have that populated, and what percentage of the records that is.

The app has 4.4/ stars. One user, Mike Gerholdt, reviewed the app, stating. “I’ll be honest- I have been an admin for four years and during that time I have lost track of the fields I have created for users. But more importantly I had lost track of how much those fields are being populated. As Salesforce adoption has increased throughout our company I needed to report back and gain insight into how fields were being used. Field Trip did exactly that for me.”

Does this tool sound like it could benefit your organization? If you aren’t sure, contact Conrin for all your Salesforce needs.

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7 Benefits you can gain by switching to Salesforce.com over ExecutivePulse

Written By – Todd Smithee – President and Founder of Conrin

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting the best CRM fit for your organization.  You also should recognize when the system is not a fit for your Economic Development Organization (EDO) and instead of putting more effort into it, look to make the switch now.

Part of the ease of a switch is now much experience the CRM integrator has with your type of business.  When it comes to EDOs, we are probably the most experienced integrator in the U.S. for CRM implementations and have not only started from scratch with implementation, but have also switched many from their previous platform to Salesforce.com

Here are the benefits you can expect if you move from ExecutivePulse to Salesforce.com

1. Solving the fact you have no Microsoft Outlook integration – not everyone uses Outlook, but with all the various devices now, this is a big help with Salesforce.com

2. Ease of use – The general navigation and use of Salesforce is much more user friendly and is better if you are using it from various devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone).  The project flow is much smoother and from a single screen you get contacts, projects, retention calls, and all pertinent information and activity for that account.

3. You can add attraction – Executive Pulse is only business recruitment and expansion(BRE), but Saleforce.com has both recruitment and attraction.

4. Upgrades Cause Downtime – There were Executive Pulse clients that experienced 2-3 weeks of downtime as system changes were made.  That is unacceptable.  While we cannot say that SFDC  has never been down in it’s 15 year history, it certainly does not take you down for weeks to do an upgrade – and frankly, there is usually no down time with upgrades – you wake up the next day and you are upgraded.

5. Speed – Salesforce just runs much faster with better response times while using it. You don’t spend as much time waiting for the application to catch up – again with all the devices you could use to access your CRM, this becomes more important.

6.  Salesforce.com is the CRM market leader – Salesforce.com is a much bigger company that spends a lot in improving it’s product so you have a better upgrade process and you get adjustments based on technology changes available to you faster.

7. Reporting – This is probably the most important one. Everybody is accountable to what is happening right?  With Salesforce, you are able to easily generate reports without help from tech support.  Can we say that again – WITHOUT any help.  We will set you up properly and show you how.  It’s that simple.

If you aren’t convinced now that you need to at least consider switching from ExecutivePulse to Salesforce.com for your Economic Development Organization, please contact us and we can discuss your specific needs as well as provide several references who will gladly share their experience with you.

Milwaukee Development Corp.

Milwaukee1The Milwaukee Development Corporation traces its origins to 1973 when it was founded as The Milwaukee Redevelopment Corporation.  In 2003 it became affiliated with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce and was renamed The Milwaukee Development Corporation.  The Milwaukee Development Corporation, or MDC, is tasked with driving broad-based economic development initiatives throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding area.


Why did Milwaukee Development Corporation choose Conrin?

The Milwaukee Development Corporation selected Conrin after an in-depth review process.  According to Marjorie Yoshida of the MDC, “Conrin provided a very detailed roadmap that clearly outlined the process necessary to get us to where we needed to be.  In addition, Conrin kept in close touch with us throughout our procurement process, quickly answering any questions we had.  Based on these factors, we were very comfortable proceeding with Conrin”.

The initial implementation was completed remotely via web conferencing and telephone calls.

 What benefits did the Milwaukee Development Corporation receive?

The Milwaukee Development Corporation realized immediate benefits, including

  • A single repository for all lead, account, contact, and project data.
  • Integration with existing Outlook email system.
  • Ability to quickly generate lists and reports for marketing activities.
  • Universal access wherever an Internet connection is available.
  • Real time reporting on project status and other key metrics.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, the Milwaukee Development Corporation has continued to maintain a close relationship with Conrin.  Two years after the initial Salesforce.com implementation Conrin conducted a site visit to assist the MDC with new configurations and to provide administrator training.

In addition, the Milwaukee Development Corporation has taken advantage of Conrin’s ongoing training programs to learn more about best practices and implementation techniques.  According to Yoshida, “Working with Conrin is like being a part of a team.  Our account manager is always available for consultation and does an excellent job of keeping us posted about new features and functionality found in Salesforce.com”.


Conrin Adds Salesforce.com Email Marketing Services

Conrin is pleased to announce that it is offering email marketing services that are completely integrated with Salesforce.com.  Conrin’s clients can now obtain Salesforce.com implementation and management services and email marketing support from a single vendor.

Conrin’s email marketing offer includes:

  •  Development of effective messaging and graphics
  • Implementation of proven white list strategies that allow your campaigns to reach more of your contacts
  • Back-end analytics designed to track successes and calculate ROI

Best of all, these services are completely integrated into the Salesforce.com platform.  This allows a single point of access while supporting organization-wide communication of email marketing activities.  Sales teams will now know exactly which campaigns an individual has received before contacting the prospect.

For more information on how Conrin can help your organization take advantage of integrated email marketing fill out our contact form or give us a call at 616-897-4325.

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