Ann Arbor SPARK

Why did Ann Arbor SPARK choose Conrin?

Ann-ArborConrin was introduced to Ann Arbor SPARK, which already had acquired, by a client from another economic development organization.  Shortly after meeting with SPARK, Conrin began providing consulting services on an à la carte basis.  According to Donna Shirilla, Director, Research and Business Information, SPARK benefits greatly from Conrin’s knowledge of and economic development.

Shirilla also said that “By selecting Conrin as our consulting partner we always have some place to go when we have questions or desire changes to better suit our business requirements.  Conrin’s understanding of both and economic development allows it to contribute to the success of SPARK.”

What benefits does Ann Arbor SPARK receive?

SPARK has utilized Conrin’s expertise in numerous ways over the years.  Some of the deliverables Conrin has provided include:

• Customizations that allow SPARK to better manage time tracking for deployed consultants

• Regular updates to page layouts and configurations

• Report and dashboard creation and management

• Data sharing with the State of Michigan via Salesforce-2-Salesforce integration

According to Skip Simms, SPARKS Senior Vice President, “Conrin has worked with Ann Arbor SPARK since 2007 helping us with the more difficult programming aspects of Salesforce.  It required significant customization for the unique data collection needs of an economic development organization.  Conrin helped make Salesforce more useful and easy and comprehensive.

That’s probably why the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has followed our lead and is rolling out Salesforce as the common CRM system for all the economic development groups in the state.”

Download the Ann Arbor SPARK Case study.