Northwest Kentucky Forward

Northwest Kentucky Forward Case StudyThe Northwest Kentucky Forward (NWKF) is a public-private partnership that focuses on driving economic development in the northwest Kentucky region.  NWKF understands the importance of capturing and organizing both contact and project data.

According to Kevin Sheilley, the founding CEO of Northwest Kentucky Forward, “One of our primary assets is our intellectual capital.  We decided we needed to look at new methods of managing our business relationships”.

Why did NWKF choose Conrin?

Sheilley researched a number of options before deciding to engage Conrin.  Conrin has extensive economic development experience, having worked with economic development organizations since 2003.  According to Sheilley, “After reviewing a number of options, we selected Conrin based on its EDO experience and expertise with, a cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) system.”

Conrin and NWKF decided to conduct a “remote” implementation, which was completed via web conferencing and conference calls.  Conrin specializes in remote implementations because they are rapid and cost effective for its clients.  The implementation was completed on time and within budget.

What benefits did NWKF receive?

The benefits realized by NWKF were numerous and included:

  • A single CRM system that contains all contact and historical data, and project metrics
  • A marketing platform that allows NWKF to quickly generate campaigns targeted to an individual’s specific areas of interest
  • Capability to generate reports in real-time
  • Instant availability anywhere, as solution is web based
  • No incremental IT support requirements, as is a cloud based solution

The engagement was very successful for NWKF.  According to Sheilley,

“We are very pleased with our decision to implement through Conrin.  We have greatly improved our ability to access and share our key contact data and metrics.  This product allows us to manage information across all of our economic development programs—business attraction, retention, creation and workforce development.  The constant refrain in our office is ‘how did we do this before Salesforce?’ We are quite pleased with our decision to engage Conrin for this initiative.”