How can CRM Benefit Manufacturers?

  • Help manage dealer and distributor relations
  • Track leads through dealer network
  • Create forecasting funnels and tools to manage sales pipeline
  • Manage sales territories and provide real time forecasts
  • Automate processes and work flows to minimize “busy work”
  • Capture key metrics on an ongoing basis and improve data quality

Why choose Conrin to implement CRM for your Organization?

Conrin’s team has been successfully implementing CRM collectively for over 45 years and has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. We understand how to leverage CRM best for your organization and will guide you along the way.

In order to improve user adoption of CRM, we provide intensive post-launch coaching engagements for your team. We’ll create effective interfaces within operations to ensure that your work flow is maintainable and able to be forecasted. After CRM is launched, you’ll be amazed at the efficiencies in the sales process. Salespeople will be able to eliminate “busy work” and focus on what’s important – Selling.