How CRM Benefits Technology-Based Organizations

In a technology organization, time is money. Having a functional CRM cuts time, and cuts money. Conrin has the ability to set you up with a CRM that is personalized to benefit your bottom-line.

  • Automate as many processes as possible to ensure maximum close ratio
  • Create a cost-effective workflow to ensure salespeople can focus on selling
  • Identify metrics necessary to measure key performance indicators

Why choose Conrin to implement CRM for your organization?

Conrin’s founder, Todd Smithee, has had senior management roles at 4 technology start-up companies. He not only understands the importance of getting a company’s sales team up and running ASAP, but he understands the process to do it.

At Conrin, we don’t implement technology for technology’s sake. We recommend gradual and cost-effective CRM implementations to conserve capital as your organization matures. We also focus on agile strategies, so that they can be quickly shifted should your business model change.