Accelerate User Adoption

Technology is just part of the requirements for a successful Salesforce CRM initiative.  The people-side of the equation must also be addressed.  A well-designed and executed user adoption strategy is an absolute must for maximized results.  The “Launch and Forget” strategy always leads to a subpar return on investment.

A well-designed adoption program includes:

  • Pre-launch user input. Compliance will be more effective if users have a say and buy into the development process.
  • Change management. Post-implementation configure updates will always be needed.  Users will almost always find ways to improve the app.  Quickly addressing these ideas will deliver an improved program right out of the gate.*
  • Customized training and documentation help build user confidence and ownership in the overall initiative.
  • Ongoing system administrator training provides knowledge transfer, both on user management and system updates.  At the end of the day, the goal is for Conrin to work out of a job.

*Change requests, especially in the beginning, equal usage.  Requests are a good thing!