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What is Cloud Computing?

Conrin was recently invited to deliver a presentation on the benefits of cloud computing and how it can provide cost-effective, scalable IT infrastructure for any business, regardless of its size.  Several requests were received for the presentation so we decided to make it available here. The following slide show was created to provide a high-level […]

CRM for Economic Development Organizations

CRM for Economic Development Organizations “Less” May be Part of the Best Solution   We’ve all heard it.  A vendor reaches out to tell you about their company’s latest feature enhancement The new app will (supposedly) provide amazing benefits, such as: Increase sales by 30 percent Customer satisfaction scores will double ROI will improve by […]

The Role of Infrastructure in Economic Development

Infrastructure and Michigan’s Pothole Hotline 888-296-4546 Potholes are part of everyday life in Michigan. It’s so bad that the Michigan Department of Transportation created the “Report a Pothole Hotline.” It’s a given. We need to improve our roads, bridges, and transportation networks. The proposed infrastructure bill provides the financial investment needed to address all of […]

Salesforce Data Security Webinar

Data security. What happens if…….. Your password and username are stolen and your online banking accounts are compromised? Your password and username are stolen and your credit cards are maxed with fraudulent charges? Your password and username are stolen and the your company’s data is held hostage, pending payment of a “ransom” Data security needs […]

Email Marketing Apps for Economic Development Organizations

So you need to get email marketing off the ground and running yesterday.  Your boss wants to leverage your investment in Salesforce to promote your EDO.  Requirements include:   Manage campaigns targeting key contacts associated with potential projects. Build awareness with site selectors. Provide stakeholders and investors with regular updates on your activities in areas […]

Maintaining CRM Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene Best Practices for Economic Development Organizations Everyone knows economic development organizations must maintain accurate company, contact, project, and BRE data. Protecting and nurturing this information is critical for the long-term health of the organization.  A well-managed CRM is the only way to capture and manage this mission-critical data. Frequently, CRM is the first […]

“Work From Home”

Data Security for Economic Development Organizations By now, it’s obvious:  Work from home (WFH) is here to stay.  The number of WFH employees has been trending upward for years.  New COVID-19 regulations have accelerated the migration to this new business model.  Now more than ever, data security needs to be a top priority for all […]