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Conrin Adds Salesforce.com Email Marketing Services

Conrin is pleased to announce that it is offering email marketing services that are completely integrated with Salesforce.com.  Conrin’s clients can now obtain Salesforce.com implementation and management services and email marketing support from a single vendor.

Conrin’s email marketing offer includes:

  •  Development of effective messaging and graphics
  • Implementation of proven white list strategies that allow your campaigns to reach more of your contacts
  • Back-end analytics designed to track successes and calculate ROI

Best of all, these services are completely integrated into the Salesforce.com platform.  This allows a single point of access while supporting organization-wide communication of email marketing activities.  Sales teams will now know exactly which campaigns an individual has received before contacting the prospect.

For more information on how Conrin can help your organization take advantage of integrated email marketing fill out our contact form or give us a call at 616-897-4325.

Economic Development CRM Salesforce

Economic Development Relationships

People, Technology, Progress..

At Conrin, we believe effective Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, strategies require more than a costly software initiative.

Go on a Field Trip to Find Custom Field Usage Information

BA-Qandor_Field Trip App banner

Field Trip App allows you to run reports on standard and custom field usage.

Salesforce fields must be populated in order to have data which calculates trends and ensures intellectual capital isn’t lost, should someone leave an organization. Over extended periods of time, Salesforce.com also can become cluttered with fields that are no longer used – making the system more difficult to navigate.

Thankfully, if you are a Salesforce Enterprise Edition subscriber, you have access to a free application on the AppExchage – Field Trip. The app allows you to analyze the fields of any object, including what percentage of the records have that field populated.

This app performs the three following functions:

  • Find out how often fields are being used
  • Run Reports on fields
  • Analyze all or a subset of your records

To use Field Trip, install the app and click the “Field Trip” tab. From there, create a new Field Trip Record and name it, select an object (such as, Accounts), and then add a filter if you do not want to process all records in that data base.

Next, using the “Analyze” button, you will see the “Field Analyses” related list on your Field Trip. This will be populated with records that represent every field on that object. You can then run and export reports on the fields for that object – including a column that tells you how many records have that populated, and what percentage of the records that is.

The app has 4.4/ stars. One user, Mike Gerholdt, reviewed the app, stating. “I’ll be honest- I have been an admin for four years and during that time I have lost track of the fields I have created for users. But more importantly I had lost track of how much those fields are being populated. As Salesforce adoption has increased throughout our company I needed to report back and gain insight into how fields were being used. Field Trip did exactly that for me.”

Does this tool sound like it could benefit your organization? If you aren’t sure, contact Conrin for all your Salesforce needs.

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Differentiate Your Company Or Else…

If you have kept up with any of the popular business books such as The World is Flat or A Whole New Mind, you will have heard about how technology has made more and more services susceptible to outsourcing. The ability to communicate and share information with people in real time, regardless of their location, leverages cost advantages and makes the world more competitive every day.  Outside of certain services that require a physical presence, such as plumbing or auto repair, more and more work will be sourced on a global basis.  For example, some large law firms are now outsourcing legal research for American clients to India.  As technology improves, global competition will continue to increase.

How to Compete

There are ways to compete, however.  For one, people still like to do business with people they know and like.  While a good customer relationship might not allow you to overcome a 75% price differential, it could be enough to allow you to charge a 25% premium.  To do this, you must be in regular contact with your customers and prospects.  Each interaction should provide a value-added benefit.  It is important to note, however, that benefits are not always related to the “bottom line.”  It is important to take time to nurture relationships, including simply getting to know somebody.  You should not always be in a hurry to get to business, assuming your contact has time to talk.  Be sure to tell them something about yourself that you might have in common.  And definitely look for opportunities to open conversations based on cues your customer is giving you.  You will be amazed at how far building a foundation will take you

Another thing you will need to focus on is the product or service you are offering.  With high-paying technical jobs that were plentiful in the 1990s and early 2000s being outsourced in greater numbers, you will need to think about keeping your offering out of the commodity category.  There is not enough time in a day to build profitable, great relationships in commodity markets.  You would simply starve to death.  To be successful you will need to continually look for ways to make your service unique.  In his book A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink talks about lawyers who are going to be successful.  They are not the attorneys doing basic research (that is shipped to India).  The successful lawyers will be the ones who can close the deal or empathize with a client.

You, too, should look for ways to provide a product or service that will not soon be commoditized.  As technology improves, tax policies change, and globalization becomes more commonplace, consumers are going to look for every advantage they can get.  It will be up to you to search for more and newer ways to differentiate your product or service and build intellectual capital.  In the meantime, keeping as close as possible to your customer is something you can do to buy some time.

What is Cloud Computing?

Conrin was recently invited to deliver a presentation on the benefits of cloud computing and how it can provide cost effective, scalable IT infrastructure for any business, regardless of its size.  Several requests were received for the presentation so we decided to make it available here.

The following slide show was created to provide a high-level overview of the basics of cloud computing.  Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information or if we can be of assistance in any way.

mailchimp for salesforce screenshot

MailChimp for Salesforce – Conrin Review

We recently integrated MailChimp for Salesforce for better email campaign management. This integration, which can be found in AppExchange, allows us to execute a MailChimp Campaign, and then monitor the data as activity history in Salesforce.

Benefits of MailChimp for Salesforce

Once the integration setup is complete, Salesforce users can conveniently design, send, and track a branded email- right inside of Salesforce. Instead mailchimp for salesforce screenshotof manually exporting email lists from Salesforce, contacts can be automatically imported through the integration. Then, segments can be created by using the Query Builder which adds existing Salesforce contacts and leads into groups. The Query Builder also allows users to strategically filter contacts, leads, and campaign members based off of certain fields.  If you have a specific group of contacts you wish to send a campaign to, set up a simple filter to include or exclude a certain contact field. Another benefit of the Query Builder is setting a schedule to run a query daily, so lists are always up to date.

Campaign Builder

The Campaign Builder, found under the MC Campaigns tab in Salesforce application, is what allows you to design and send off your email. Designing these emails in Salesforce eliminates the drag and drop templates that MailChimp offers, but it does allow you use classic and custom-coded templates saved in a MailChimp account.

MailChimp offers both a free version and paid packages that allow for more customization tools and more campaigns. This MailChimp for Salesforce integration has allowed us to easily transfer data between the two applications.  We can see complete subscriber details and their MailChimp activity. A large benefit that we see is generating new leads and creating customized subscribers lists based off of Salesforce fields. Syncing the two allows us to obtain and report data from campaigns in an organized and effective manner.

Three Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative Environment

Here are three things you can focus on to help you stay positive in today’s challenging environment.

1. Sell, Sell, Sell – Never stop selling. Even if times are great you should always be selling and expanding your customer base. Most importantly, you keep a steady stream of business coming in the door. There are other benefits as well. You learn more about your market and potential markets you might want to enter. If you close more business than you can handle, be selective when you choose your customers and start raising your prices. You might be surprised and learn that you have been undercharging. If business is not as robust as you would like, you will be building your sales funnel. No matter what, do not stop selling!

2. Associate with positive people. It is easy to fall into the misery pit when those you associate with are negative about life. Regardless of what you hear on TV or read in the papers, there are people who are doing quite well. Find a way to locate these people and a reason to be around them. Business is lot like sports – people with bad attitudes do not win or help others succeed.

3. Turn off talk radio. Listening to talk radio can be great fun and informative. Unfortunately, most of the talk these days focuses on the negative, especially politically orientated talk radio. Listening to pros and cons about what some politician is going to do for you is a complete waste of time and will do nothing to improve your lot in life. You will feel much more motivated if you change the channel and listen to some classic, inspirational music. Try something like Van Halen’s “Right Now” and you will be ready to take on the world.

Sure things are tough right now. Our grandparents survived much more difficult times and we will make it too. So wake up, go out and sell something! You will be just fine.

Salesforce Solutions for Your EDO | Conrin Blog

Salesforce is an industry-leading customer platform that has become the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem. It powers innovation in sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, apps, and more. At Conrin, we specialize in providing Salesfore implementation for Economic Development Organizations (EDO). A good customer relationship management (CRM) system allows an organization to manage their interactions with current and future customers. EDO’s do not necessarily have customers, but they serve businesses of different scales, so the use of a CRM system may seem difficult at first.

Salesforce CRM implementation is a simple three step process, but the details vary based on the mission of an organization. Those details are where Conrin is a helpful tool.


The Conrin blog provides you case studies, industry announcements and tips that we just cannot keep to our self. For over a decade, we have provided Salesforce solutions, implementation, platform migration and post-implementation support for regional and state level systems.