Three Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative Environment

Here are three things you can focus on to help you stay positive in today’s challenging environment.

1. Sell, Sell, Sell – Never stop selling. Even if times are great you should always be selling and expanding your customer base. Most importantly, you keep a steady stream of business coming in the door. There are other benefits as well. You learn more about your market and potential markets you might want to enter. If you close more business than you can handle, be selective when you choose your customers and start raising your prices. You might be surprised and learn that you have been undercharging. If business is not as robust as you would like, you will be building your sales funnel. No matter what, do not stop selling!

2. Associate with positive people. It is easy to fall into the misery pit when those you associate with are negative about life. Regardless of what you hear on TV or read in the papers, there are people who are doing quite well. Find a way to locate these people and a reason to be around them. Business is lot like sports – people with bad attitudes do not win or help others succeed.

3. Turn off talk radio. Listening to talk radio can be great fun and informative. Unfortunately, most of the talk these days focuses on the negative, especially politically orientated talk radio. Listening to pros and cons about what some politician is going to do for you is a complete waste of time and will do nothing to improve your lot in life. You will feel much more motivated if you change the channel and listen to some classic, inspirational music. Try something like Van Halen’s “Right Now” and you will be ready to take on the world.

Sure things are tough right now. Our grandparents survived much more difficult times and we will make it too. So wake up, go out and sell something! You will be just fine.