Why is Salesforce.com the best solution CRM for  EDOs?

Based on over twenty years of experience with CRMs, Conrin’s founder, Todd Smithee knew what he needed to provide an effective solution:

  • Intuitive to use
  • A robust feature set
  • Easy to customize and maintain
  • System reliability
  • Data security

Salesforce.com exceeds all requirements.  Finally, Salesforce was financially stable.  This was critical as the dotcom boom had just ended.  Smithee wanted to ensure it’s clients were assured their data would not disappear overnight if their vendor disappeared overnight should they fail as most of the tech companies did during that time.

  1. Feature set
  2. Ease of use
  3. Financial stability

He found most providers offered acceptable solutions.  Upon further review, financial stability was determined to be critical, as clients would be using the application for all of their data management needs.  When asked about profitability, he heard answers such as “we’ll be in the black” next quarter.  The decision was easy.  Salesforce.com offered a superior product and the security of a profitable vendor that was not going to disappear overnight.

Salesforce.com continues to be the market leader in CRM.

What is edoforce.com?

edoforce.com is Conrin’s custom CRM application, built on the Salesforce.com platform, designed exclusively for economic development organizations.  edoforce provides Conrin with the ability to quickly install a CRM designed to support the business workflow required for economic developers.  Advantages of Conrin’s edoforce are many and include:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Custom solution based on over fifteen years of industry solution
  • The client doesn’t have to pay an implementation partner to learn the business requirements for EDOs

Ongoing feature development, ensuring its clients have access to most recent innovations designed specifically for economic developers.

Who is Conrin?

One of Conrin’s initial clients was an economic development organization.  The EDO was searching for a better way to manage long term projects typical to the economic development space.  Over time, additional functionality was developed to support areas like BRE calls; incentive tracking, and investor management.

After successfully working with several EDOs, Conrin decided to narrow its focus even further:  Deliver premium implementation and ongoing support services, for economic developers.  This specialization allows Conrin to leverage it’s industry knowledge, providing clients with expertise and best practices specifically for economic development organizations.

In 2003, a client requested assistance with the implementation of a web-based customer relation management system.  After researching available applications, Conrin recommended Salesforce.com as the best option for the client.  The implementation was completed on time, under budget, and exceeded client expectations.

Several of Conrin initial clients were economic development organizations that needed customized functionality to support their unique business processes.  After careful consideration, a decision was made to focus exclusively on supporting the CRM needs of EDOs.  This strategy aligned with Conrin’s desire to provide the best in class solutions for its clients.

Why Conrin?

Experience gained from implementations in twenty-seven states over the last fifteen years, provides unmatched industry knowledge of the EDO space.  Conrin’s edoforce allows it’s clients to be up and running within as few as two weeks upon the start of the engagement.  Finally, Conrin provides its clients with the ability to migrate from an existing CRM platform to an application designed specifically for their industry.

So why not give us the opportunity to see what Conrin and edoforce can do for your organization.  After all, Salesforce.com CRM for economic development is all we do!

Conrin has been implementing Salesforce.com for economic development for over fifteen years. With clients in twenty-seven states and provinces, at the local, regional, and state level, Conrin provides an unmatched ability to manage a successful rollout, and long-term management for EDOs.

Is your organization considering investing in a new customer relationship management system?  Are you currently using Salesforce.com and are interested in exploring new ways of leveraging your existing investment?  Give us a call and let us show you how to leverage your investment.

Salesforce.com CRM for economic development.  It’s all we do. Click to learn more. Our Services

What would the timetable be from contract signing to full implementation?

Implementation can be completed within two-four weeks

Conrin’s custom app, edoforce.com, was developed on the Salesforce.com platform.  After assisting our clients with Salesforce license procurement, edoforce is installed and activated.  EDO-related features are immediately available.

  • Company and Contact records with EDO-specific fields (jobs created/retained; annual capital investment; employment/revenue trends; contact marketing identifiers)
  • Project Management functionality (jobs retained/created; capex; incentives offered; properties are shown; general workforce metrics)
  • Retention Calls (revenue/employment trends; employee count; jobs created by quarter/year)
  • Investor Management (all-time investment; commitment per campaign; amount outstanding; primary contact).
  • Additional functionality such as Incentive and Property Inventory.

Once installed, Conrin customizes edoforce to ensure nomenclature and fields support the client’s organization-specific requirements.  In addition, Conrin continues to support its clients’ post-implementation to drive end user adoption.

Can you convert from my current CRM program to Salesforce?

Absolutely!  Conrin has extensive experience in converting clients to edoforce from existing CRM platforms.  In fact, Conrin developed a process for migration to edoforce.com:

  • Conrin conducts an audit of the client’s existing CRM. This provides an opportunity to identify features and customizations that should be eliminated or retained.
  • Review data quality and make recommendations regarding data migration
  • Interview key stakeholders to identify a “blue sky” wish list

These findings are used to provide a roadmap for the migration process.  edoforce is installed and customized to meet client specifications.  Conrin provides ongoing support to ensure any necessary adjustments are identified and addressed during user adoption.