Intellectual capital is a critical asset for most organizations. Patents, business processes, and client information must be protected and nurtured over extended periods of time. This is especially true for economic developers. Lengthy project cycles, combined with staff turnover, pose a significant threat to the effectiveness of all EDOs.

Conrin’s custom application, based on the platform, provides solutions specifically designed for economic developers.

  • Enhance collaboration by eliminating data silos such as email inboxes, spreadsheets Word documents, and sometimes, individual memory. Salesforce CRM ensures all information is captured, ensuring critical data is captured for use today and in future use.
  • Supports economic development-specific topics such as company metrics, projects, BRE activities and investor management.
  • Captures contact-specific touchpoints -such as email history, meetings, and tasks. All economic developers have access to this history, allowing them to be prepared for the next contact interaction.

Acquiring data is time-consuming and expensive but paramount to successful results. The Conrin Salesforce solution ensures this investment is identified for future use.