Complexity of SALESFORCE CRM 

Implementing a SALESFORCE CRM solution requires more than a significant investment in technology. While selecting the appropriate technology is important, it is not the only consideration. Investments in requirement discovery, combined with “hidden” human costs such as training and a well-organized rollout are critical.

Outside Consultants

Engaging an outside consultant is an efficient way toward delivering on time, under-budget results. The best consultants understand technology, the client’s industry, and human capital for an effective build-out. Technology and human capital can be somewhat consistent across various business types. Industry knowledge, however, can only be gained via experience.

Managed Rollout


As with any major initiative, stakeholder requirements need to be addressed. Having representatives of various departments collaborate prior to the rollout helps ensure expectations are met, minimizing potential conflicts before they occur. Effective training is also key to success. A program without a “user guide” is bound to fail.

Ongoing Nurturing

The launch means exactly that, launch! Manage your implementation. No CRM programs can be successful with a launch and forget strategy. Successful programs are managed and nurtured from day one. Waiting for a “perfect” configuration ensures nothing will ever be achieved.   Once the technology is activated. Updates need to be quickly identified and implemented as they arise. Questions are a good thing. As is often said: “No questions = no use”.

The Conrin Solution

Conrin has been implementing for economic developers since 2003 and has clients across 27 states and provinces. Years of industry knowledge, technology experience, and effective rollout management make Conrin uniquely qualified to deliver an exceptional solution that will meet client needs for years to come.

At Conrin, we’ll help you find the right tools to grow. We don’t overbuild, oversell, or put processes into place that aren’t meant for you. It’s about you, and it’s built for you. With Conrin, customer relationship management really can be that simple.

Ready to Get Started?

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