Still using Classic?
It’s time to move to Lightning Experience!

SALESFORCE.COM CLASSIC’s Classic user interface has served EDOs well for many years. It’s flexibility and feature set provided critical functionality necessary to support the unique requirements of economic developers. See Conrin’s Classic interface.

LIGHTNING’s Lightning Experience Takes CRM to a whole new level!

While Lightning retains the best-in-class features found in Classic, it delivers many improvements

  • Superior navigation
  • Streamlined reports and dashboard management
  • Simplified field development and page layout configuration
  • Greatly improved mobile applications
  • Improved duplicate management functionality

So, are you ready to make the switch? Just let us know.  Already using Lightning? Let us take a look to make sure you are maximizing all it has to offer

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Note: Salesforce is sunsetting the Classic interface. No future updates will be available. Be sure to contact us if your organization is still Classic. We’ll help you migrate from Classic so you can begin using the latest features available in Lightning Experience!