Salesforce for Economic Development

Why Conrin/Salesforce

Why Conrin / Salesforce for CRM Implementation?

In 2003 Conrin was asked to provide a proposal for a local economic development organization.  The proposal, which included process consulting, CRM system implementation, data migration, and training was quickly executed.  Conrin customized Salesforce for this initial EDO.  To this day the client is still utilizing and Conrin continues to provide ongoing support as new features and applications become available.


The Conrin/Salesforce combination has proven effective for more than a decade.

The reasoning behind why our combined efforts are so successful is simple:

The bottom line is this:  The Conrin/Salesforce combination provides the benefits of an implementation partner focused specifically on your needs with the benefits of an innovative, multi-billion dollar service provider with extensive R&D capabilities.  This combination provides peace of mind found with a state of the art technology provider and a consulting partner that understands your business that you can reach when you need assistance.