• Salesforce for Economic Development

Salesforce.com for Economic Development.

It’s All We Do.

Implementing and managing CRM is an important investment, that can quickly provide significant dividends. Real-time information capture delivers a framework for data-driven analysis decision making and reporting. Selecting the appropriate implementation partner is critical for an on schedule, efficient rollout.

Conrin has implemented Salesforce.com for economic development since 2003 for clients in twenty-seven states and provinces. Our industry knowledge allows us to hit the ground running while simultaneously sharing best practices based on extensive industry experience. We understand the importance of priority metrics such as

  • Company and Contact Management
  • Projects
  • Incentives
  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Workforce Development
  • Investor Management

While the initial implementation provides the foundation for a successful CRM program, it is not the end of the process. End-user and system administrator training is necessary for long-term success. Regular “health checks” ensure feature use is maximized. The bottom line is Conrin partners with its clients for the long haul, long after the initial rollout has been completed. We are there for you today and in the future.

Our Core Principles


Implement without “digital clutter”. Keeping things keeps simple and improves user adoption.  “When in doubt, leave it out” has served our clients well.  Features can be added as needed.

Listen, Recommend, Confirm, Implement

Listen to the client.  Make recommendations based on best practices.  Confirm findings.  Implement.

Training and Support

Great technology is only part of the equation.   User training is critical, as is long term support.  Conrin is committed supporting its clients for years to come.

Financially Sound Recommendations

Current and future needs are identified during discovery.  Conrin then delivers pricing options for implementation and appropriate Salesforce license level.

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About Conrin

  • Focus

    There is truth to the phrase “jack of all trades, expert in none”. Excellence requires commitment and focus. We selected Salesforce.com for economic development to be our “expert in one”.

  • Expertise

    With over a decade of implementing Salesforce.com for economic developers, Conrin understands the industry and best practices necessary to support its clients.

  • Flexibility

    Conrin does more than standard implementations. Ongoing training, Feature updates.  Salesforce “reboots”.  Custom support packages. Clients get to select what they really need.

  • Multiple Solutions

    Clients are presented with multiple solutions, which allows them to select the correct “fit” for their organization. Choices allow clients to be comfortable with their decision.