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Elevate Your Economic Development with Conrin’s CRM Consultancy


In the dynamic landscape of Economic Development Organizations (EDOs), having the right tools and strategies is paramount. Conrin Inc., a CRM consultancy specializing in EDOs, offers a tailored approach to help you perform at your peak. Our expertise and experience are solely dedicated to enhancing the performance of EDOs and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.

Built on the industry-leading Salesforce CRM platform, Conrin’s custom CRM app is designed to optimize your organization’s sales funnel and deal flow pipeline. Here’s how you can leverage Salesforce and Conrin’s expertise to drive success:


Establish clear goals, objectives, and target audiences to measure your success. These metrics will guide your CRM strategy and ensure alignment with your organization’s objectives.


 Salesforce’s robust data collection and organization capabilities are the foundation of your CRM success. Implement strong data verification, cleansing processes, and prioritize data security and privacy.


Utilize Salesforce CRM to identify prospects, nurture leads, and conduct targeted marketing and outreach. Build strong relationships with clients to drive business growth.


Efficient reporting tools and analysis of KPIs are crucial for monitoring ROI and effectiveness. Salesforce’s dashboards and reporting features provide insights to optimize your efforts continually.


Foster collaboration with partners and stakeholders using Salesforce CRM. Align strategies and goals to maximize the impact of your economic development initiatives.

At Conrin Inc., we are committed to understanding your specific needs, challenges, and goals. Our personalized proposals are tailored to address your unique requirements and drive success. We offer complimentary initial consultations to kickstart our partnership.

Elevate your economic development efforts with Conrin Inc.’s CRM consultancy. Contact us today to begin your journey towards greater efficiency, effectiveness, and success.


We are a jack of nothing, master of one

There is truth to the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”. Excellence requires commitment and focus. We selected Salesforce.com for economic development to be our “master of one”.

With twenty years of implementing Salesforce.com for economic developers, Conrin understands your industry and best practices necessary to support its clients.  

At Conrin, we will offer you personalized service and support that is 100% focused on utilizing Salesforce to meet your needs and improve your ROI.


core valueshow we operate

listen, recommend, confirm, implement

Listen to the client. Make recommendations base on best practices. Confirm findings. Implement.


Implement without digital clutter. Ease of use is key for user adoption. “When in doubt, leave it out” has served our clients well. Features can always be added as needed.

training and support

Great technology is only part of the equation. User training is critical, as is long term support. Conrin is committed to supporting its clients for years to come.

TestimonialsWhat Our Clients Say

Conrin’s Salesforce.com expertise and industry knowledge has been instrumental to the success of our Salesforce program.

Kevin Considine

Lake County Partners

Working with the Conrin team has been a terrific experience from the initial implementation of Salesforce through ongoing support.

Lynn Finley

Laurens County Development Corp

I’m always pleased with the solutions offered by Conrin and how quickly the are able to implement those changes

Jessica Hood

Effingham County Industrial Development Authority