we are the experts!SALESFORCE.com FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.It’s All We Do

Custom salesforce app for edos

Conrin’s custom built EDO Force application is designed to help economic developers get the most out of Salesforce.

report dashboard

dashboards designed for you

Keep up to date with all of your current projects and priorities with easy to read dashboards. All of your data displayed in in simple to understand graphs and charts. Track all of your metrics in one place with our custom dashboards.

what we doWe Help People In Economic Development

Our whole business is focused on implementing Salesforce for EDO


We have implemented Salesforce in 30 states and provinces.


We provide customized implementation of the Conrin edoforce application.

workforce development

We understand the importance of the priority metrics you care about most.

company and contract management

Conrin partners with its clients for the long haul, long after the initial rollout is completed.

investor management

We implement without “digital clutter” to keep things simple and improve user adoption.

listen, recommend, confirm, implement

Listen to the client. Make recommendations based on best practices. Confirm findings. Implement.