The Primary Asset for Economic Development Organizations: Relationships

Economic Development CRM Salesforce

All successful organizations have assets that allow them to grow and thrive. Examples include custom machinery, patents, business processes, and supply chains that differentiate them from their competitors. Others have an installed base of customers that provide predictable cash flows. EDOs are in a unique position when it comes to assets. They have only one: Relationships. A well-managed customer relationship management system is an absolute must-have to maximize this asset.

The “EDO business process” is unique in many ways:

  • Long project cycles that may take years to reach fruition.
  • Manage a diverse set of stakeholders, including corporations, government entities, and investors.
  • Share information while maintaining confidentiality.

A CRM, designed to meet the needs of EDOs, is crucial for maintaining relationships necessary to manage the complex business cycle.

Selecting the appropriate CRM is a significant endeavor. The RFP process alone may take months to complete. Investments in time, customization, and selection of an implementation partner are time-consuming, and not to be taken lightly. Continuous system management, ongoing training, and feature updates require additional commitment.

Conrin’s was developed based on the needs of economic developers. After extensive research, Conrin selected as the platform on which to build edoforce.

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